Great puzzles for your warm summer weekend

We have a new serious puzzle solver - Alin. Make sure you check the puzzles early in the morning or late at night before mysterious Alin gets to them. Rachel T, Amy and Alin solved at least 3 puzzles each and qualified for a special prize. All the winners, please email me your addresses to ship the prizes to.

Three friends
Three friends want to buy a house that costs $520,000 together. All friends have the same salaries. First one promised to contribute one half of his salary to the house purchase, second friend promised one third of his salary, and third friend one fourth of his salary. How much was given by each friend?
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Two rich friends

One friend is saying to another: "If you give me $100, I will be twice richer than you." To this, second friend replied: "If you give me $10, I will be six times richer than you." How much each of the friends has? (from the old Russian puzzle book)
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Half confusion
Half of the half of this number is equal to half. What is the number?
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Popsicle Sticks
You have gathered 22 Popsicle sticks. How can you use them to mark a rectangle of the largest area, without breaking the sticks?
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Kids and Oranges
Can you divide 5 oranges between 6 kids so that you would not need to cut any orange into more than 3 parts?
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Next Number
What number comes next in the sequence 1 2 6 42 1806?
Puzzle submitted by Ola M.
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Math is everywhere. We encounter it when organizing a closet, at the preschool drop-off, preparing for a prom and swinging at the playground, while watching TV, shopping, relocating, or simply joking. Just look around. Share with us your own Math Adventure Story. The author of the most unusual math adventure story will get a prize! See all the currently submitted stories and share your story here.

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