I Can See You Breathing

This is fresh from the oven - terrific new technology from the MIT Computer Science team.

You know how it is easier to recognize someone from a caricature than from a photograph?  This is because caricaturists exaggerate our imperfections and exasperation help our brain to do the match.  What if we can apply such exaggeration to other fields?  For example, what if we can exaggerate small motions? A hand tremble, eye movement, chest raising while breathing, blood pulsation  on the neck or cheek? Computer Scientists from the MIT propose to process a video stream with such motions and use some surprisingly simple math to detect and amplify these motions so that they will be clearly visible to our eye.  This is the beginning of a great technology.  Technology that can allow you to easily check whether your baby is breathing by just glancing at the video camera, check his pulse without EKG, observe your body's blood flow without going to an alternative medicine clinic, define guilt during a trial through involuntary eye movements, and even verify whether Batman is still alive.  Check the clip: