December 12 and 21

Last week we had a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to mark 12:12 at 12/12/12. 
When will be the next such occasion? As Gregorian Calendar only has 12 months we will need to wait till the year number goes down again - 01/01/01.  January first of the year 3001 or 2101 that are 988 and 88 years from now. If you stay away from stress, be lucky genetically, avoid wars and terrorism, and drive carefully - you may live to see the 2101 date. Hopefully the world by then wont look like in the fun yet terrifying satirical sci-fiction movie Idiocracy and be a pleasant place to stay a while longer.

However, we shouldn't take the dates too seriously. While the Western Gregorian calendar marked 12/12/12, the Islamic Calendar listed it as 28th in the month of Muharram in the year 1434, the Hebrew Calendar showed 28 on Kislev 5773, and the Chinese Lunar Calendar marked it as 29th of the 10th lunar month of the year 101 of Republic Dynasty. 
Everything is relative. And the fact that the Mayan Long Calendar has the end of the world scheduled this Friday, after 5,125 years past the "zero date" of 11 August 3114 BC should be taken with skepticism. Yet, many people around the world are stocking up on water and canned tuna. Many indulge in pleasures they never allowed themselves before. Thousands are trying to reach the obscure little village in France that they believe will be the only place to survive the Apocalypse.  Some are trying to demand the end-of-the world insurance. Ukrainian travel agency is using the occasion to sell one-way only tickets to Heaven ($15) and Hell ($18) that said to include a map of the destination. Some Siberian boutiques are selling Apocalypse gift bags containing vodka, sardines, condom, rope and soap.  And I am trying to stay optimistic and reasonable with a can of caviar and a bottle of champagne ready for the day after, but still ... publishing my newsletter today, just in case. 


  1. My wife has a small joke that she tells on herself. She has a doctor's encounter this Thursday.

    "If the world is going to end on Friday," she begins "Why should I be concerned about what the doctor has to say? Might as well live it up."

  2. The hysteria behind this belief is similar to the belief that the individual numbers on the lottery Powerball have meaning. It reminds me of the book Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences by John Allen Paulos.
    The idiotic thinking is what frightens me--not the date.


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